A Curse from the Heart of the Dust

Final session and previous

Kill baddies ☑ obtain loot ☑ plunder booty ⬜

Dear adventurers, It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we are parting ways for now. If you wish for me to aid you, seek me in Almas. I wish to give you perspective on why I am returning to my homeland alone. I will recount to you my experience so that you may see from my eyes.  When I happened upon the two party members Beatrix and Garreth they… You were in pretty bad shape I though I could prove my worth as a barbarian by courageously aiding them… You,  in the rescue effort. I thought that I had finally made friends and found someone to look up to, who's sage leadership and influence would lead me to be a glorious Barbarian. As we ventured into the nightmare that we found to be a druergar city the disapproving glances slowly brought me to realize that my presence was not very welcome and it was out of despair that I was permitted to remain. I still had hope that I could learn from Garreth. After our scuffle at the gates with the large choker and two druergar and us having to flee through what seemed to be a sewer in semi persuit of this creature grimshack that entombed us before my hope was beginning to dry up. When we finally got through the tunnel we exited to find cells filled with deranged druergar and a cell with grimshack. I was finally going to be able to prove my ability as a Barbarian. After a close call with grimshack almost escaping but failing due to Beatrix's quick thinking making the invisible grimshack visible again I wrangled him up and we began our interrogation. We bombarded Grimshack with questions and means of extracting them. Grimshack would not give an inch. Garreth wanted to trade mutilating his hand for answers from grimshack. I offered my own blood in place of Garreth's I wanted to protect my friend. Not five minutes passed after I offered my own blood until I was shot another disapproving glance by Garreth. I thought If I could not have a friendship maybe I would still be able to recieve guidance from him. Grimshack made us an offer to retrieve the stone and lead us to a captured party member if we released him. I wanted to kill him. It was so obvious that this creature if left alive would only bring pain to the living. Garreth freed the creature who led us to Doogie who was surrounded by four druergar and four chokers whom we dispatched with relative ease. Grimshack cloaked himself and scampered after the soul of the city… Or so we thought. Grimshack never returned to us. My trust in Garreth was faded. We followed the corridor to find that Grimshack had alerted the king to our intrusion. I had been deceived. Not by grimshack but by my hero Gareth who's leadership placed us in the king's surrounded by guards who were aided by grimshack. In other words,  mortal danger. I was done looking up to others I was going to follow my heart and take the consequences in stride. If I lived, I was never going to leave loose ends ever again. The king,  after refusing to hear our negotiations grew into a large being. I flew into a rage. I was not going to take my constrictor snake form. I wanted to fight as a barbarian. I wanted my foes to have my visage as a barbarian as the last thing they would see and I wanted to die a barbarian. I lept over the swing of the giant king's axe. The momentum carried through lodging the axe into the king's gut. I avoided  the swing of the guard and I went for grimshack who I would finally make Pay. I battled with grimshack and a few guards as the others took on the king and a few guards as well. Grishack and I traded devastating blows. I, with my axe and Grimshack with magic. The party members were weakened and about to be slain by the king. I was weak as well grimshack had thrown me back with the force of his last attack.  I knew the next blow I would be the last blow I would receive as it would kill me. I knew grimshack was worn as well. He was on the point of bleeding out. A guard stood between myself and Grimshack. I barreled past the guard in a spin knocking his hammer away as he swung. With the flat of my axe I struck Grimshack in the head. As I finished Grimshack, Beatrix with other worldly precision slashed the king with her blade killing him. Garreth stood in a stoopor for the space of an hour not responding. I wanted grimshack to suffer for his betrayal. I wanted a living testament to my ruthlessness. I would show the people of Almas I would show the surrounding lands.  I quickly severed Grimshack's arms and legs. I gouged his eyes with no hesitation. I then took his tongue. No. Loose. Ends.


Nick Dontist, Barbarian


kdav27 Thebootywarrior

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