A Curse from the Heart of the Dust

Session Two

Account of two wolves

2 of Doras, 3 cycle of Titanus, 507DC. Report, Myself and Bloodtaint after detecting the large disturbance in the afore mentioned ruined city, have halted the "ministry." Briefly mentioned before, we now travel with a diverse party including an Elven witch. Bloodtaint grows tired of her and the bond with him grows strained as he wishes to strip her bones from her flesh. He does not seem fully aware of his exile in the Eastern Drow Lands. He has been of great service to Mother he supports his burdens well. I am convinced he will bring honor to Mother in the near future. 

                      A member of this party that we shade, an unremarkable Dwarf, was taken by what I reasonably believe to be chokers perhaps in league with Duergar. Typical of unrefined subsurface dwellers. The being from the Phantasmal plane spoke of the source of arcane power that we felt. This source is said to be a stone which deems wealth to its possessors. There was never any question that we will ultimately possess it in the name of Mother. We have spent some time delving deeper into the mines in search of this stone as the others search frantically for the Dwarf. We have navigated various traps undoubtedly constructed by the feeble minded who worked this mine. 

                 We strode into the clutches of the chokers. The travelers, unfamiliar with underdweller fighting, spread themselves thin. We were outnumber and quickly incapacitated. A bold member of the party managed to stave them off long enough to administer aid. I think we will enslave him and and put him in the cage to take to Jezreach rather than give him the "gift" as will be the fate of the others.

                          Bloodtaint dreamed the wolf dream. When he awoke, he spoke to my soul and showed unto me his mind. He dreamed that he was running along a cliff toward the moon Titanus with all of his fervor. As he ascended a rise, Mother appeared to him in her glory, she beckoned to the West, to Jezreach and beckoned for him to follow. Bloodtaint understood Mother would soon have us separate. My soul howls as I know one of two padfoots that gave me life would be taken. I had began to feel quite endearingly toward my father, Mother take you swiftly my Father, my Bloodtaint, my Lupür.



kdav27 Thebootywarrior

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