A Curse from the Heart of the Dust

Session Three


Gareth's mind was reeling. Up until this point he thought he led an interesting life. Grew up alone, no family, and he spent his days hunting men. Now however, within the space of just a few days he'd spoke with a Ghost who sent him and four other companions, along with a dogman on a quest to redeem his fallen city. After nearly being choked to death by strange, small, black creatures Gareth and his companions made their way deeper into the mine shaft. Through one of those weird garbage nests they found an opening into a huge cavern. Once they entered into the cavern Gareth realized Scar was missing. Somehow he had vanished. Before he had time to think about that the group were set upon by several large snakes. Making short work of them they moved on through the only path available to them into another larger cavern. As they made their way through, Gareth couldn't help but think about how peculiar one of his companions was. A short time ago complete strangers, now joined in a fight for their lives Gareth was traveling a mineshaft with a Drow.

As if a Drow traveling outside the void marshes or Cheliax openly wasn't strange enough, this one had some sort of companion/pet. A man, with a large metal cage on his back. This man clawed, fought and bit like a dog but walked like a man. It seemed to have the mind of a dog as well. Gareth could only wonder how this foul creature came to creation. In a way he pitied the thing. It however, was content to do his masters bidding. Lupür who most notably was suffering, or maybe benefiting from lycanthropy. The first time Lupür transformed, Gareth was startled. He didn't exactly have time to address it because it happened in the middle of a battle. Lupür's transformation proved useful in the battle which lead Gareth to believe that perhaps this ailment wasn't hurting Lupür, but helping him.

After the battle was done, nobody said anything. Gareth was thinking surely he wasn't the only one alarmed by this. As he considered however, he realized Beatrix was a witch. An Elf Witch. They live very long lives perhaps lycanthropy and Drow were not so foreign to her. Scar though, Gareth had to think Scar thought this strange. He however, said nothing. So Gareth didn't either. Gareth surmised that there was likely an unspoken agreement between everyone. That while lycanthropy is no joke, they couldn't afford to do anything about it. They needed the help.

As he pondered these things they entered the next massive cavern. Once in, they heard something large. . . eating. . . they looked down the shore of a small underground pond to find a massive Troll eating something dragged from the water. Gareth quickly coordinated with his companions and they decided the best course of action was to draw the creature to them, then flank it. As they commenced their plan, it didn't go accordingly. The Troll rushed Beatrix and attacked her. One claw nearly crumpled her. She retreated from the danger. Gareth began laying into the beast, the thrill of battle consumed him. This was where he felt he was supposed to be, commencing the work of death upon the dark of this world. It retaliated, the beast clawed Gareth, once, twice, then sank it's teeth into his pauldron. Despite his full plate armor this beast was about to make short work of him he felt. That's when Gareth saw him, Lupür charging forward, Brick his dogman in tow. Lupür began to lay about the troll with his arms. As the dogman fought viciously, something gleamed in the trolls eye. It spotted an opening, a chance to crush it's future meal. It swiped, and missed, swiped again, hit cleanly. Then everything seemed to go in slow motion. Gareth's mind worked slowly realizing far too late that Lupür had been badly hurt. Lupür staggered from the blow of the claw unaware that the beast lunged forward and bending down with it's massive, ugly, snout. Jagged yellow teeth gleaming with rancid saliva. Gareth screamed, "Lupür!" He looked as the beast enveloped his upper half with his maw. Crunch.

Shock assailed him. The beast lifted the body of the Drow into the air and began thrashing back and forth. The way the troll finally kills its prey. The thrashing motion causes the flesh to rend on the countless rows of awful teeth. Blood sprayed to the beasts left and right. It turned to face Gareth and spat out it's freshly caught meal. Gareth was taken back, back to the day his family was taken from him. He stood in shock as slavers dragged his mother and sister to the boat. An awful feeling of powerlessness eating him. He was seven less than half the size of these men. Gareth could do nothing. Gareth came to, feeling much the same right now. Doogie had been taken, and he was powerless. Lupür killed, and he was powerless to save him.

Rage filled him. Pure vicious awful wrath. He gripped his blade so hard it hurt. Raising it above his head then behind himself he screamed and flung the blade flipping end over end directly in front of him. Somehow he knew that this massive sword thrown like a dagger would hit exactly as he wanted. The blade made a massive swoosh sound as it sailed through the air then met its mark. Slish the pointed end of the sword lodged perfectly in the bridge of the snout almost to the hilt. The point of the greatsword sticking out the back of its skull. The creature dropped lifeless. Much, like Lupür. Brick immediately ran. Gareth turned to look at Beatrix. Her expression said everything. Five people entered these mines, two missing, one dead and two remained. An Elf with and a Human swordsman. Alone in the middle of an abandoned mineshaft in a dead city.


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