Gareth Blackwood

Human Two-Handed Fighter


Gareth is a Male human of regular build. He has black hair and green eyes. Recently he acquired full plate armor that covers him head to toe in silvery grey steel. His helm sports two metal horns. Other than that, the un-ornamented plate is unremarkable. His two handed greatsword is the only other thing of note that he openly caries. It’s distinguished from other greatswords by an emblem on either side of the hilt where the blade meets the cross-guard. As well as a different blade design. The blade is longer and less wide than most. Less like a claymore and more akin to a much longer bastard sword.


Gareth was born in a small town outside of Lastwall near the Lake of Encarthan. As a child of 7 he suffered a great tragedy at the hands of Katapeshi slavers. The Slavers covertly sailed a riverboat all the way up from the inner sea, through the rivers to Lake Encarthan where they made their rounds along the edges of the great lake kidnapping families who lived near it’s fertile shores. The Blackwood’s were not spared from their haul. Gareth was in the forest when they came gathering firewood. When he got close enough to home that he could hear, he panicked. He saw five men close in on his father and others drag his mother and sister kicking and screaming to the rowboat docked at the shore. He ran up and tried in a vain effort to stop the gown men. After deciding he was to young to be worth the effort, some deliberated on killing him others on leaving him for dead. They went with the latter. While slaving wasn’t beneath them, killing children apparently was.

Gareth consumed with grief, collapsed outside his ransacked farm. Wishing for death. Something not far off from that approached him in his dreams. It spoke to him many things, and bid him to wake. Upon doing so it was the middle of the night, glimmering in the moonlight before him was a greatsword. A weapon longer than Gareth was tall. It’s blade silvery steel, simple but striking. It’s only adornment was what looking like a face on the moon set in pearl at the hilt of the greatsword. When Gareth touched the hilt, the blade shrank to the size of a shortsword. Almost comically it was a greatsword for 7 year old’s. He needed to use both hands to heft it, but to a grown man it would have been a shortsword sized greatsword. From that point on Gareth lead in the beginning by a mysterious force that communed with him less often as he grew. As he grew, so too did his sword. He survived alone.

By the time he was a young man, he set off looking for any sign of his family or the katapeshi slavers. He met his fair share of slavers over the years, but none were the ones he was seeking. Those he did meet though, he ended them. He had grown beyond good with his sword, it was like a part of him. The only companion he had after his were cruelly taken from him. Eventually Gareth decided he would head to Katapesh itself. He had heard of the anti-slave white ravens in Almas of Andoran. He figured he’d stop there on his way, and see what help they could offer. Ultimately though, Gareth would have the blood of those who took his family from him. Even if it kills him.

Gareth Blackwood

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