Beatrix Bubkins

Elven Witch


Beatrix is a saucy lady who will do you (lol jk maybe).


Beatrix is young, as elves go, only 127 years old. She is about 6 feet tall and weighs roughly 100 lbs, with black hair and green eyes. She is from the city of Almas. Having left home for a time to learn the ways of witchcraft, she is now returning once again to Almas to be with her family, and in particular her ailing father. While away from home, she has learned several simple spells and hexes which enable her to aid her traveling companions in combat and self defense. During this time, she also was united with Bradley, her animal familiar, an owl (“Brad” for short). In addition to her budding abilities as a witch, Beatrix is also adept with an elven curved blade, her weapon of choice.

Beatrix Bubkins

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